Hi, I'm Violet but most people call me V. I was once a frustrated mother whose daughter had a severe case of eczema. I was tired of the creams, I was tired of the doctor's visits, and I was tired of using products that ultimately led me back to square one. Why put all of these chemicals on my daughter's skin without lasting results?

Looking through old photos of my family's elders, the people—especially the women—had gorgeous skin. What did they do differently? They used simple and natural ingredients to cleanse and moisturize.

I took those concepts and applied modern-day research to formulate my own simple soaps and a body butter. The results that followed surpassed anything that I had tried previously! My excitement fueled my creative energy that spilled over into the formulation of new products.

All products are made with high quality ingredients and even higher standards. They are treated with the dearest of care both during and after production. My journey started with finding a solution for my own problem and since has helped countless other frustrated individuals.

I will never conform to what other companies says is "good" for our skin. I keep it simple, top of the line, and Nacherel!